Taking a Closer Look at Opportunities: Comparing Plum Book 2012 and Plum Book 2016

A look at some of the differences.

About the Plum Book: What’s Inside?

Want a policy-making position in the U.S. government? Look in the Plum Book.

Reading Up on the Subject: Articles on the Transition

What you need to know about the 2008 transition.

The Federal Civil Service: How Does It Work?

Looking at the structure of the Federal Civil Service.

By the Numbers: The Federal Budget Process

Where the budget numbers come from.

Getting It Right: Difference In Running for Office and Running the Government

How are they different?

Schooling up? Understanding the Executive Branch

An important part of the Federal government.

Appointments for a New Administration

What positions may be changed during a presidential transition?

Types of Presidential Appointments Requiring Senate Approval

What types of PAS positions are available?

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