Types of Presidential Appointments Requiring Senate Approval

Types of Presidential Appointments Requiring Senate Approval2016-12-14T19:49:08+00:00

A Presidentially appointed position that requires Senate approval (PAS) could be anything from a Cabinet secretary or undersecretary to membership of a regulatory commission, an ambassadorship or a judgeship for an advisory board. There are approximately 1,000 such presidential appointments that require Senate confirmation including:

  • Over 350 positions in 15 executive departments, such as the Department of Justice, including Cabinet secretaries, deputy secretaries, under secretaries, assistant secretaries and general counsels.
  • 120 positions in independent executive agencies, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the U.S. Agency for International Development.
  • 150 ambassadors, with a majority nominated from the career Foreign Service.
  • Approximately 200 U.S. attorneys and marshals.
  • 130 regulatory positions in agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • 160 presidential appointees to part-time positions, such as members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

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